Martial Arts Black Lotus Academy (known as Kia Kidz) is dedicated to teaching several programs:

  • Martial Art of American Ju-Jitsu and Kenpo
  • Functional self-defense techniques that strengthen mind, body, and spirit
  • Fitness Training – Group Exercise and Personal Training
  • Karate Therapy – Group and Personal Training for children and adults with special needs
  • Tournament Training and Combat Sports
  • Summer, winter, spring CAMPS
  • Ninja Night Sleepovers
  • Consultations and Parents Trainings
  • Private Protection
  • Weapons Training

Martial Arts Black Lotus Academy utilizes a positively based training model which succeeds by learning one step at a time and slowly moving toward the desired goal.
We offer:
Variety of martial arts regular and inclusion classes that have been specifically designed for young children Kia Dragons (3-5), children Kia Kidz (6-12), teenagers Kia Teens (13-18), and adults Kia Adults (16 & up). Our Academy has experienced staff and affordable prices. We are proud to provide our students with learning experience to be able to reach their individual goals.

  • To provide our expertise and educate to the community
  • To help build strong individuals mentally, physically, and spiritually
  • To develop Character and Discipline
  • To strengthen families
  • To help the community

The journey of martial arts is one of self-discovery and expression. At Martial Arts Black Lotus Academy, students grow and change naturally and sometimes with help of our instructors. We fully understand and respect that our community has many differences: physically, mentally, and spiritually. As unique individuals we move differently and might not always see things similarly and our Academy’s first goal is to help our students find and develop their untapped potential.

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