Ju –Jitsu Inclusion Classes


Our program is based not on age but rather on family being able to work together as a team (in class or at home). We encourage all the parents to take classes with their children. We combine students in small groups so they could better benefit from instructions. There are several studies showing that exercise is not only good for our body but also good for our minds. Participating in group sports helps children learn how to work as a team and gain confidence in a skill.

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But team sports often present many challenges for kids with autism and other disabilities.

The struggle to find appropriate exercise activities is common among parents who have children with special needs. Kia Kidz program offers private and group lessons that are appropriate for your child to learn at slow or fast paste focusing on teamwork, learning discipline and courage to face or overcome the challenges.

Self Defense Classes

These classes take place every other Friday for 1 hour. Children, teens and adults learn how to become aware and recognize threats, avoid and escape conflicts whenever possible and how to best deal with a variety of situations when faced with them. Escapes from holds, alternatives to striking such as pins and controls, and efficient tactics to engage and escalate when every alternative has been extended and failed.

Sparring Classes

These classes take place every other Friday for 1 hour. Children, teens and adults concentrate on learning the set of kicks, punches and strikes to use in light sparring.

Adult Cardio Kickboxing

Parents time for jabs and kicks to the beat of dance-club music. Our classes are fun and will leave you drenched in sweat and energized.
Some of the benefits of this total-body workout are:
• Increase muscle toning and aerobic fitness.
• Improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.
• Improve your cardiovascular system
• Lose weight, release stress and tension


After-school tutoring available per parents request.
Ninja Night Sleepovers
Sleepovers are held once a month on Saturdays. At the Ninja Night sleepover we do outside games, storytelling, table games, legos, baking, play doh, video games, musical instruments, movies, pillow fight, etc… Lot’s of fun so parents could have their free time to themselves.
Parents, this is the time and opportunity for you to go out and know that your child is in a safe environment. If your child is not ready to stay overnight you can pick him/her up from 9 to 9:30 pm.
Parents Trainings & Consultations
After each class instructors are available to the parents to answer any questions that parents have regarding their child’s progress and any concerns.


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